Accountants Are Getting Hacked: Here’s What You Need to Know

Mark Kennedy
5 min readNov 21, 2022

Accountants across the world are being smashed with a new scam that could leave them with a hefty bill. scam The, which is also known as ransomware, involves hackers gaining access to your computer system and locking you out until you pay a ransom. In this blog post, we will discuss how often this happens and some simple steps to survive.

Here are the verifiable facts about how many and who’s getting hacked.
There are approximately 89,680 Accounting Services businesses in the United States as of 2022, 1200 of these firms have been affected by data breaches in the year 2021.

One of them is Deloitte

The Guardian discovered information indicating that Deloitte’s business email system had compromised data belonging to clients in all of the aforementioned areas. Among the participants are well-known corporations and government institutions from the United States. So far, the corporation has warned six customers that the theft may have “impacted” their data. Deloitte is conducting an internal investigation into the event. According to The Guardian, Deloitte discovered the breach in March of this year, but hackers may have obtained access to the company’s networks as early as October or November of 2016 (Tanyi, & Watson,2019). The cybercriminal gained access to the company’s global email system by utilizing a “administrator’s account,” which granted them “access to all areas.” According to the information acquired, only a single password was required to get access to the account, rather than the more secure “two-step” procedure. The outgoing and incoming emails of Deloitte’s 244,000 employees are kept in Microsoft’s Azure cloud service. It is essentially Microsoft’s response to Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform, two other popular cloud computing companies.

There are approximately 5042 Accounting Services businesses in New Zealand as of 2022 according to the DNB business directory platform. 12 of these firms have been affected by data breaches in the year 2021.

One of them is BDO New Zealand.

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